HRIM (n.) Old Norse for 'Hoar Frost'

Besides being an acronym for the Practice, the word HRIM has several meanings. In the Old Norse it meant: Frost or Hoar Frost, but in certain Buddhist cultures is used as a mantra relating to creative and healing powers.
HRI|Munro architecture are a firm of Architects based in Inverness and working throughout the Highland & Islands of Scotland. In addition to making Architecture we seek to support and facilitate the Arts in the Highlands through initiating exhibition proposals, joint project working, Arts sponsorship and making exhibition space available for new work through our UPSTAIRS Gallery. Monthly exhibitions from artists working in various media (who do not need to live within the Highlands of Scotland) will be showcased throughout the year. Please click on the link for submission guidelines.

Please also take a moment to view the previous Exhibitions the firm has been involved with and read about future opportunities.

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